Advertise With Us

Covering Corsham, Chippenham, Calne Box & North Wiltshire

Tel: 01249 712777 Mob: 07570 670227

Advertisements can be placed on the back of our full colour business cards.

The cards will be placed in taxis and handed to customers. Also the cards will be delivered by hand door to door on a single card drop throughout Chippenham, Corsham and surrounding areas. A map of the areas covered can be provided. Please keep in mind certain areas may be left out due to flats having security access or dogs on the premises. If this happens the delivery person will move on until all cards have been delivered.

Need help designing your advert – no problem. We will design for free and include 2 free amendments. After that a £30.00 charge per hour will be made for art work.

Prices start at £30.00 per 500 cards delivered by hand.

LPC is also offering the chance to advertise on two separate panels on a taxi. Adverts must be authorized by the local Council.

Prices starts at £30.00 pcm for the rented space on the vehicle seen 24/7 . 365 days a year.

The cost of the vinyl artwork and application would also be a further charge and obviously dependent on what your requirements are. If you have a preferred sign writer in the area then you may use them.

Payment must be made in full before all work is carried out.